Bend the Arc: Southern California volunteers are organizing for justice at the local, state, and federal levels.

Here's how: 

We're fighting for criminal justice reform in CA 

When we fight for local criminal justice reform, we fight for a California that stops criminalizing vulnerable communities — and we directly oppose Trump and Sessions' regressive national law and order agenda. 

This November, we're fighting against a ballot measure that would roll back racial justice gains we've won in the past by incarcerating more Californians and costing us hundreds of millions of dollars per year.  Find out how to get involved in the No on Prop 20 campaign!

For more than four years, we've fought alongside powerful coalitions on the most pressing criminal justice issues of our time, like winning legislation to end youth solitary confinement.

Since 2016, we've been working with our partners at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, the ACLU, Essie Justice Group, and more to reform California's money bail system — because no one should be imprisoned for the crime of being poor. 

Our coalition has bold legislative demands that's igniting a national movement for money bail reform — and our members are bringing the Jewish community to the fight. 

We're standing in solidarity with immigrant communities 

When Trump was elected, our chapter members promised to stand in solidarity with the communities most impacted by his hateful agenda. 

Last Spring, our chapter members phone banked, lobbied our legislators, and rallied in the streets to help pass the California Values Act, the strongest statewide sanctuary legislation in the country to help protect California's immigrants from Trump's deportation force.

We're also part of Bend the Arc Jewish Action's national Jewish Campaign for Dreamers. We're advocating for a clean Dream Act by mobilizing phone calls to key legislators and taking action in the street. In January, our members joined Let My People Stay, a historic Jewish civil disobedience in our nation's Capitol to demand Congress' action to protect Dreamers. 

We're working to end homelessness in LA  

Our members are committed to making our own city live up to our vision of a Los Angeles where everyone experiences safety and dignity. 

It's why we've campaigned for more than two years to expand funding to help end homelessness in LA. We organized to help win ballot initiatives like measures JJJ and HHH, and legislation like Los Angeles' new citywide linkage fee, which are helping to create new sources of funding for affordable housing.  

Join our Bend the Arc volunteers in Southern California.