Have you heard about Amendment C in LA?

By: Anjuli Kronheim Katz

News came out this week that the Louisiana officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling last summer will not be charged by the Justice Department. As Jews, we stand outraged and in solidarity with the movement for Black lives to demand police accountability and justice.

Jewish Angelenos have the opportunity next Tuesday to defeat Amendment C here in LA - a measure on the ballot in our city election that has the potential to weaken accountability for the LAPD, and to deny justice for victims of police violence.

Bend the Arc stands with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, the ACLU of Southern California, Dignity and Power Now, LA Voice and dozens of other community organizations who oppose this measure and are turning out to the polls next Tuesday, May 16th, to oppose Amendment C.

Find your polling place here to vote No on Tuesday and ensure police accountability.

What does Amendment C do?

Amendment C would give LAPD officers who are guilty of serious misconduct the option of challenging the chief of police's recommended punishments to a "Board of Rights" comprised fully or partially of civilians.

While the "Board of Rights" seems like a measure to promote civilian oversight, the civilian members of the board would be selected by the Police Commission, thereby creating a conflict of interest and excluding members from directly impacted communities from serving. Learn more about Amendment C.

Bend the Arc supporters in California have been demonstrating our values by advocating for meaningful statewide criminal justice reform for years. We know that to achieve meaningful police accountability, we need real civilian oversight, transparency, and justice for our brothers and sisters most impacted by police violence.

That's why we're getting the word out to vote no on Amendment C next Tuesday.

Will you spread the word and vote to defeat Amendment C and protect victims of police violence on May 16th? Share the news on Facebook and Twitter, and find your polling place here.

While President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions pursue policies that further criminalize and negatively impact communities of color, I am proud to take action to protect our neighbors and defend justice here in LA and beyond.

In solidarity,

Anjuli Kronheim Katz, Regional Organizer