White Jewish Anti-Racist Discussion Space



Join us at the White Jewish Anti-Racist Discussion Space for community and learning.

As part of our chapter’s five year racial equity vision, Bend the Arc SoCal formed a Racial Justice Team. This team is composed of Jews of Color, Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews, and Jews who identify as white.  One of our initiatives on the Racial Justice team is creating racially conscious spaces for Jews of Color and white Jews. The White Jewish Anti-Racist Discussion Space is open to all, and focused on anyone who has a white Jewish identity, including multiracial Jews. 

Integral to all of Bend the Arc’s work is fighting to dismantle the racist systems around us. Doing that work effectively as white Jews requires reflecting on our positioning in those systems, and on biases we have taken in by being part of them. In order to better show up for our multiracial community, both within Bend the Arc and with our coalition partners, white Jews need to unlearn racism and reflect on the ways we impact our peers of color.  In this space we are taking responsibility for learning about racism and our own white privilege, and how to disrupt those dynamics as white Jews.

This is a long, difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable process. It’s helpful to have a space where other white Jews can support and challenge us -- without having to always subject People of Color to further undue trauma or pain as we stumble and make mistakes. Having a community of Jewish white anti-racist people helps us grow as we work to create a more just, equitable world.

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July 25, 2021 at 2pm
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Los Angeles, CA 90010
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Rebecca Green

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