Defund Hate Campaign House Meeting



Join Us: Come join us for a gathering in a leader's home near Mid City/Pico Union to find out more about the Defund Hate campaign and learn how you can plug in.  Exact address upon RSVP.

The Problem: Today, immigrants around the U.S. are being terrorized. Parents are being rounded up in their homes and their workplaces. Those who seek asylum are held in private prisons without legal recourse. Children are held in camps in the desert, or torn permanently from the arms of their parents. Children and adults are dying in custody and there is no accountability. The Trump administration’s regime of terror endangers us all: their hate is fueling a rise of violence that targets immigrants, Muslim people, Jewish people, and other communities, while distracting the public from their corruption and crimes. Trump and his allies are spreading conspiracy theories that have incited the murders of Jews in Pittsburgh and Poway.

The Choice: Will we stand by as politicians destroy lives and erode democracy? Or will we rise up as Jews to stop autocrats from scapegoating immigrants? Will we stand by as immigrants live in terror of family separation, workplace raids, detention, and deportation? Will we leave immigrants to fight alone OR will we fight together for a country where we are all safe and free? We have a choice: Stand by while our tax dollars are used to dehumanize and attack people, or do as history has taught us: stand up, speak out, and organize for collective action.

The Vision: A government that stops terrorizing immigrants. A country that rejects authoritarianism and hatred. A Jewish community that acts in solidarity with all targeted communities to build a society where we are all safe. An audacious American future where immigrants are actively welcomed, and where all seeking safe harbor find dignity and justice.

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July 28, 2019 at 3pm
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Igor Kagan

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