For over a decade, Bend the Arc’s Southern California office has provided a vibrant Jewish presence working across lines of faith, race and class to pursue a more just and equal society for all.  For us, and for emerging generations of Jews, building a society that respects the civil rights and dignity of all, that offers accessible avenues for economic security and protects personal freedom, is an expression of a Jewish identity that is urgent, alive, authentic and relevant. Bend the Arc members find that working in partnership on pressing issues of economic justice, criminal justice reform, human and civil rights is a source of joy and fulfillment.  

Be it worker’s rights, immigration reform or religious liberty, as we work as allies to those seeking opportunity for all, we hear the ancient Biblical imperative “justice, justice thou shall pursue,” and we remember our history as a minority, immigrant community striving for a fair chance.

Our members reflect the diversity of the our community--Rabbis and atheists; students and seniors; activists and academics; Sephardic, Ashkenasic and Jews of Color—all using the tools of community organizing, leadership development, policy advocacy, community investment and cultural/artistic programming to claim the proud legacy of Jewish activism that bore witness to injustice, dreamed of a better future and strengthened the racial justice, workers' rights, women's rights and other great movements in American history.

The Southern California Region has two core teams of leaders: Campaigns Committee and Advocacy Committee. Our Campaigns Committee is focused on criminal justice reform work, specifically around Prop 47 implementation and policies Ban the Box and offer a Fair Chance to formerly incarcerated folks. Our Advocacy Committee is focused on the Make it Fair Campaign and building relationships with members of Congress. We just launched a network of Jeremiah Fellowship. Community Organizing Residency, and Selah Fellowship alumni in Los Angeles to build community and skills. We have a team building out voting rights and civic engagement work and more! 
To get involved, email our Regional Organizer, Anjuli, at akronheimkatz@bendthearc.us